I’ve been thinking about doing a rebrand of myself for month’s. And, it finally happened!


The creative process is very intangible, and to put limits, expectations, or strict timelines on this process (in my opinion) is nothing but hindering. This is real life, meaning, real life happens, and things shift, move, and change. Priorities, Skills, Tasks, Goals can move and shift in a heartbeat and reroute the process entirely. 


I used to think being strong meant pushing through, but now I understand that believing in the natural flow of your life can end up being your best bet. 


The key here though, is really figuring out how you can bring that out in a timely manner. 


Photography has taken me through the absolute wildest journey for the past 6 years and has brought me to a pivotal moment in my career. Through new networks and projects, I have found myself indulged on an entirely different path. While I am still so happy to provide my photographic services for brands, companies, and individuals, I’ve now come to find experience and joy in other avenues to help brand-image as well.  


This post is to really get the amazing family, friends, and fan base back in the front seat of this journey with me. Lets create together! 


Questions, comments, anything really, speak up!


Rebeccca //