After a long day, it's always nice to run into a fellow creative. I've spent a few nights over the Bellwether bar top rambling - quite literally with Tim. Owner/designer at CAVALIER - a design agency where minimalism collides with quality work. On top of that he is one of the coolest people I've met, hang around him for 5 minutes and it actually rubs off on you - not. joking.


It was a busy day! On my way out of Bellwether after my 3rd shoot, I (literally) ran right into Tim! After a moments worth of conversation he and I had scheduled a shoot for some recent work of his. Using his design work he created labels / branding for an upcoming VEGAN wine distiller. We shot a ginger - melon, and an agave - blueberry wine to name a couple!

_RSP5151 copy.jpg


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