I see you, I see your heart, and I am with you.

For the past few months I have been hosting big girls dinners at my house and they always end up with us speaking truth and really connecting with one another. I actually took notes this time around (YEP! I'm that person) and wanted to share them with everyone, especially all of the ladies reading this!! Because the truth is I needed to hear this and so does everyone else.

We went around the dinner table for nearly an hour talking about what love looks like to us, and how it's encouraged our lives. I couldn't explain in words how much I treasured listening to pieces of everyone's stories. To be honest the discussion cut deep, and sort of left us with our hearts on the table (quite literally) so I proposed a question to everyone (and I must say what great courage it took for us to all discuss). I asked, "If you could leave something on the table today, a summing up of what you've heard tonight - in your own words - from your perspective what would it be? What's your piece of advice? Your nugget? WHAT IS YOUR LOVE NUGGET?"

1. Forgive yourself

2. His love is enough

3. You don't have to love everyone

4. Love like a child

5. Give yourself more credit

6. Know your limits

7. Don't be the woman you are, be the woman you want to be

8. Affirm your future self

9. Give yourself permission to be a mess

10. We are worthy of all of the above and we should believe that

Thank you to everyone that has joined me at my home and opened your heart, what a special journey this has been.

Please know GIRLS NIGHT is for EVERYONE! If you've seen photos or posts about it and thought about coming I would freaking love to have you and your friends!! Message me or even email me. Women empowering and supporting women is a beautiful thing and I want everything to do with it. Let's hang!!